Monday, January 21, 2013


Last night, my dad and I watched an entire football game together.  This may seem normal to some of you, however, it is a rare occasion for my dad to watch football, much less a whole game.  I'm not a closet Ravens fan either.  Both sides of my family are from Baltimore, MD.  Papou (grandfather in Greek) was a die hard Colts fan until they disappeared into the night one year.  The Ravens became his team when they took over in 1996.  He was always proud to be a Ravens and Orioles fan.  Papou passed away on January 3, 2010.  Ever since, my dad has become a little more of a football fan with each season.  He calls me to tell me the score instead of the other way around.

Back to the game...The Ravens played the Patriots last night for the ultimate rematch (they defeated us in the playoffs last year 23-20). It was a nail-biter at first, but Baltimore stepped up in the 2nd half for a glorious 28-13 defeat over New England.  I had a feeling this was our year!  Ray Lewis is retiring, we got our revenge from last season, and John Harbaugh (Ravens) gets to coach against his brother Jim Harbaugh (49ers) for the Super Bowl!!!

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